Counting Down “The Collective” The Stories Behind 25 Years Of Songs

There not much that can’t be said about Singer / Songwriter Col Finley, after notching up 25years of writing, recording and performing he’s about to release his 6th album “The Collective” a 25 song, 2 discs a tribute to all the songs he has writing over his lustrous career. But really 25 songs is only the tip of this songwriter story, From humble beginnings as a footy kid from Canberra, to then one of Australia leading independent entertainer and singer-songwriter. Col Finley has taken His Music from the depths of the earth to the top of the Aria and Country music charts, across Australia and across the globe, performing in some of the world leading venues and music festivals.
It’s not only music this pioneer has dipped his toes in Col Finley has also been a part of the Australian Film Industry working with famous actor like Leo Mc kern, Jeffery Rush, Barry and Maranda Otto Noah Taylor and Dave fields in the movie Dad and Dave on Our selection Col was Leo Mc Kerns Stunt double and stand in, Col also had cameo roles in the film. Col music has also been featured in film and tv including the box office smash “Wolf Creek”, TV Shows like MDA, A Real Sea Change plus so much more
“I always get ask is there anything I haven’t done in my career and yes there is so much more I would like to achieve as to why I keep chipping away at a career I love”
Col Finley “The Collective” will be the biggest project of all six albums, taking over 24mnths to design, plan and now produce, Col Says “This album has been dragged from the soul of every album and every song I have ever written” and after you listen you get a sense of knowing Col’s life his family his friends and his music “This is my life in song and I’m proud to share It” Col Said
Col career of writing began at an early stage of his career “I wrote songs before I could even play guitar, well I’m still learning to play!! but I took one lesson and learned three chords on the guitar just, so I can write better songs” Col Finley songs reflect life and the journey of discovering it, to songs about his family and heritage to his drug and alcohol abuse to his struggle with the black dog. Col Finley believes he has captured the true essence of his life in song and as he says, “I Didn’t want to tell you my story I wanted to sing it ” and as we believe he has delivered it on the next album
Col Finley “The Collective” will feature 2 Disc set of 25 songs that over the next few months col will feature each song in 25 mini docos telling the story behind all 25 songs
Col Finley “The Collective” will officially be released on 25th January 2018 at the Tamworth Country Music Festival, it’s the last day of his 25 years as he embarks into the next quarter century of his music career “I’d be chuffed to still be doing this after 50 years” he laughs, “I’m enjoying were I’m at for now and am souly focus on the next 12mnths and making sure this album get respect and love it deserves

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